My VMware Horizon Enterprise Home Lab – Overview


After some prompting on /r/homelab, I decided to write a bit about my home lab. Now, I do more than Horizon-related stuff in my lab, but since my day job consists of designing and implementing Horizon solutions, it’s heavily used for that purpose. Problem Statement I need a lab in which I can stand up […]

My VCDX Journey – So Far


As I sit here writing this, knowing I should be working on my VCDX presentation instead, I reflect on the time and effort I’ve put into this process. It has, without a doubt, been the most mentally challenging, not to mention exhausting, three month period in my career. I started my design in earnest toward […]

My Life as a Consultant – Q2


It’s been just over three months since my last installment, so I thought I’d toss up a quick entry to let you all know how it’s going. Once again, I’d like to reiterate: Though I am a VMware employee, this is not a VMware blog. My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s […]

VCAP-DTA Exam Experience


Exam Experience The VCAP-DTA (VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Administration) is a new-ish exam from VMware which covers everything from core View configuration and troubleshooting to desktop optimization, pool configuration based on specific requirements, Active Directory and Group Policy, and so on. While being a master of the View Admin console is required to […]

Horizon Mirage 4.4 Part 16 – Centralize an Endpoint


In this article, we’ll cover how to centralize an endpoint in Horizon Mirage. Prep Work The Horizon Mirage Client must be installed on the endpoint. The endpoint must have a supported operating system installed. The endpoint must have access to the Horizon Mirage Server over TCP/8000. CVD Auto Creation There are a couple of different […]

9 VMware vSphere Health Check Topics to Check Out


As a seasoned post-sales consultant, I’ve done my fair share of health checks. For vSphere (more on other topics later), this typically involves using the VMware HealthAnalyzer tool to gather information from vCenter Server and ESXi hosts, and then compare those results versus best practice recommendations. I’d like to share with you some very common […]

Horizon Mirage 4.4 Part 15 – Client Installation and Configuration


In this article, we’re going to focus on the Horizon Mirage 4.4 client installation process. Horizon Mirage 4.4 Client Installation 1. Double-click MirageClient.64.35175.msi (or.x86.35175 if your client is 32-bit). 2. Click Run if prompted. 3. Click Next. 4. Accept the terms in the License Agreement, and then click Next. 5. Type in the fully-qualified domain […]

Horizon Mirage 4.4 Part 14 – Manage the Driver Library and Profiles


In this article, we’ll cover managing the Horizon Mirage Driver Library and Driver Profiles. Prep Work Downloaded, extracted, and moved to a network shared the drivers I want to import. Import Drivers Into the Driver Library 1. In the Horizon Mirage Console, choose Driver Library > Folders > All 2. Click the little wand icon […]

Horizon Mirage 4.4 Part 13 – Update an App Layer


In our last article, we updated a Base Layer. In this article, we’ll do the same for an App Layer. Note: This is much like the initial App Layer capture we did back in Part 11, with a few caveats and configuration differences.   Prep Work A clean Windows 7 machine has already been created […]

VCAP-DTD Exam Experience


Exam Experience I sat the VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Design (VCAP-DTD) exam on Wednesday of last week, so I thought I’d put my thoughts on the exam down on paper. Organizationally, this exam is a lot like the VCAP-DCD, as expected. If you’ve done the VCAP-DCD, you’ll definitely have a good feel for […]