Deploying Horizon 6 RDS Apps with VMware UEM


Prerequisites: VMware Horizon 6 with Application Pools deployed and entitled VMware UEM deployed and basic configuration completed VMware Horizon Client deployed to your Windows endpoint Note: As of Horizon 6, both the Client and Agent can be installed on the same machine. 1. In the Horizon View Administrator, display your Application Pools. For this exercise, […]

WiKID Systems Two-Factor Auth with F5 APM and VMware Horizon with View


The state of external access to my Horizon 6 Enterprise lab has been in flux for a while. I’ve used Duo Security to provide two-factor authentication for a bit, but as I transitioned from a straight WAN -> DMZ NAT using a View Security Server to proxying all of my incoming traffic through an F5 […]

Example VMware Horizon Architectural Decision – Multisite Configuration


Note: These will take a similar, if not identical, form to what Josh Odgers has done on his blog – – These will be Horizon 6 centric, though. I deal with a lot of customers of a higher end nature in my day job, so discussion of multisite Horizon 6 with View is almost […]

My VMware Horizon Enterprise Home Lab – vSphere and Physical


I’d usually start at the top down, but for ease of explanation, I’ll start at the bottom (physical + vSphere) and work my way up from there. Please note that a lot of this configuration isn’t supported by VMware. Don’t take anything in this post to be a supported configuration. It’s just how I’m doing […]

My VMware Horizon Enterprise Home Lab – Overview


After some prompting on /r/homelab, I decided to write a bit about my home lab. Now, I do more than Horizon-related stuff in my lab, but since my day job consists of designing and implementing Horizon solutions, it’s heavily used for that purpose. Problem Statement I need a lab in which I can stand up […]

My VCDX Journey – So Far


As I sit here writing this, knowing I should be working on my VCDX presentation instead, I reflect on the time and effort I’ve put into this process. It has, without a doubt, been the most mentally challenging, not to mention exhausting, three month period in my career. I started my design in earnest toward […]

My Life as a Consultant – Q2


It’s been just over three months since my last installment, so I thought I’d toss up a quick entry to let you all know how it’s going. Once again, I’d like to reiterate: Though I am a VMware employee, this is not a VMware blog. My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s […]

VCAP-DTA Exam Experience


Exam Experience The VCAP-DTA (VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Administration) is a new-ish exam from VMware which covers everything from core View configuration and troubleshooting to desktop optimization, pool configuration based on specific requirements, Active Directory and Group Policy, and so on. While being a master of the View Admin console is required to […]

Horizon Mirage 4.4 Part 16 – Centralize an Endpoint


In this article, we’ll cover how to centralize an endpoint in Horizon Mirage. Prep Work The Horizon Mirage Client must be installed on the endpoint. The endpoint must have a supported operating system installed. The endpoint must have access to the Horizon Mirage Server over TCP/8000. CVD Auto Creation There are a couple of different […]